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Friday 25th April 2014



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The Liu Seong System and its History

The Liu Seong System and its History

Liu Seong Gung Fu is an umbrella system, itself a hybrid martial art among the many Kuntao/Silat martial arts. It is as much Indonesian as it is Chinese and owes its methods to several different martial arts and martial influences, including Karate, the Filipino martial arts, and various Chinese Kung Fu systems. Some of the Filipino influence was [...]

My Teaching and Training Biography

I am generally very suspicious of people who cannot answer questions about their training backgrounds in a single sentence.  Usually, detailed martial biographies are elaborate rationalizations, through which fantasy martial artists try to get "credit" for everything they've ever thought about, read about, or perhaps even fleetingly studied in [...]

Cutting Edge Dystopian Fiction by Matt Bracken

Fighting for Truth in Martial Arts

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