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Does “Last Ninja Standing” Cover, Title Imitate an Earlier Koga Ryu Blog Post?

Does “Last Ninja Standing” Cover, Title Imitate an Earlier Koga Ryu Blog Post?

Ashida Kim -- who in his own words and through associates has accused others of plagiarizing his work over the years -- recently reiterated some of these claims of perfidy in a new self-published book, Last Ninja Standing.  You can imagine our surprise here at The Martialist when we learned that the cover and the title of the book appear to [...]

Ron Collins Resurfaces with New Documentation; Correction

Those of you who have followed The Martialist over the last ten years are probably aware of an exposé originally written by me, republished elsewhere, and finally removed from the Internet at my request.  The piece was on "The West Virginian Ninja," one Ronald Collins, Junior, who first came to our attention when he sent one of his [...]

Big Changes Soon at The Martialist

The new year has brought with it significant challenges to armed, prepared citizens -- to martialists -- across the United States. Here in New York, in the dead of night and without debate, the New York State Senate passed a draconian bill regulating ammunition sales and banning all but a handful of modern firearms (by redefining "assault weapons" [...]

Liu Seong Combat Arts Profiled

Liu Seong Combat Arts Profiled

John Wilkerson, writing on the topic of distance learning, agreed to be my test student for some long-distance self-defense consultation.  He wrote an excellent piece in The Wired Homeschool. Phil is very personable and has more knowledge of martial arts and self defense in his little toe than I will ever hope to learn.  I’d been following [...]

The Martialist: Now More Than Ever

The Martialist: Now More Than Ever

Visit the contact page here at The Martialist if you would like to support the site financially.  We've done a lot... but we can do more, and we can do better.  With your continued readership (and viewership), we'll continue to do just that.

Revenge of the Fudds: Zumbo in CNY

Those of you who have read these pages since 2007 will remember my scathing commentary on Zumbo, the outdoors writer and Fudd who allowed the anti-gun lobby to make of him a useful idiot.  It seems the Fudds remain a very dangerous and powerful force within the firearms community, as evidenced by a recent banana-republic-style coup staged in the [...]

One Guy Who Gets It

I got a nice mention in Chuck Pruitt's blog, recently: I’ve been reading various blogs and giving some thought to the actual philosophies they seem to hold as part of their ‘worldview.’ While my main focus (focuses? foci?) is to relate my creating a life aligned with simplicity, minimalism, as well as regaining my health and rebuilding an [...]

Army Admits Combatives Program Needs Work

The Martialist was among the first publications to bring you a comprehensive critique of FM 3-25.150, as we outlined in this article.  Specifically, we criticized the politically motivated emphasis on Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ), which was no doubt driven by the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports in the United States.  We've taken a lot [...]

Knife Rights on Gov’t Abuse in NY

Knife Rights has issued a press release on the latest government abuses of knife rights in New York, specifically New York City. Essentially, the DA's office in NYC is "shaking down" local businesses, requiring them to fork over significant fees or face prosecution for selling completely legal one-hand0pening and spring-assisted-opening pocket [...]

Gun Owners of America Criticizes NRA

Saying that a recent move by the NRA to forego further resistance to new campaign finance regulations (HR 5175) is "a political deal borne of self-interest," the Gun Owners of America have sharply criticized the National Rifle Association.  The dispute involves the "DISCLOSE Act," a Democrat-sponsored move that would, according to GOA, [...]

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