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Sunday 20th April 2014



Big Changes Soon at The Martialist

The new year has brought with it significant challenges to armed, prepared citizens — to martialists — across the United States. Here in New York, in the dead of night and without debate, the New York State Senate passed a draconian bill regulating ammunition sales and banning all but a handful of modern firearms (by redefining “assault weapons” and limiting all magazines to seven rounds without grandfathering provisions).

I predict massive non-compliance with the new legislation.  The Martialist, however, has always been about complying with the law completely in order to increase the chances of surviving the legal aftermath of a physical altercation.  To that end, I sold my guns. I am not willing to turn over weaponry to the state, nor am I willing to let a bunch of liberals kill me for believing in the Second Amendment (a stand for which this blogger called me “the last honest patriot”).  Therefore, I cashed out on my own terms, eliminating the problem by eliminating the weapons in question.

Where does that leave martialists in New York — and those in the rest of the country, who surely will join New Yorkers to some degree when Obama implements his own sweeping gun bans?  Well, it puts us all in a non-permissive environment, to some degree.  There are still weapons we may legally possess, and there are still contexts in which we may use tools to apply force. It is in all legal venues, and on all topics that may be discussed academically without legal repercussion (and with appropriate caveat), that we will continue our study, exploration, and exposition on the topic of self-defense.

The Martialist will continue to bring you the most realistic and pragmatic self-defense advice, information, and entertainment available. We’re just going to have to do it from behind enemy lines.

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