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Wednesday 16th April 2014




Self-defense is the inalienable right of all human beings.  You are born with the natural right to your person.  Your self is the one thing you can always and truly be said to own, for if you don’t own you, who does?  You are not a slave.  You are, therefore, entitled to defend yourself from violations of the property that is you.  You have the right to defend yourself from initiated violence, from violent crime.  You have the right to fight back in order to stop others from harming you.  More importantly, you therefore incur the responsibility to prepare yourself for this undertaking.

Attack, attack, attack — come at your target from every possible direction and press until his defenses overload. Never give him time to recover his balance: never give him time to counter.

- Heroes Die, Matthew Woodring Stover

The Martialist was founded in 2003. It is run by me, Phil Elmore. I am a freelance author and technical writer with no particularly impressive credentials — except for over fifteen years spent training diligently in the martial arts and as an armed American citizen. This ‘zine also accepts contributions from like-minded individuals in all fields of endeavor, including self-defense experts, pundits, and instructors in both the private and public sectors.

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In these pages you will find honest, earnest discussion of self-defense from the perspective of mere mortals — citizens interested in protecting themselves on a day-to-day basis through whatever pragmatic means is feasible and favorable. We favor no ideology here and we subscribe to no specific school of thought. We are not interested in the political bickering that takes place among varying martial arts camps, save to keep you informed of the options available.  We have succeeded specifically because we are objective, reasonable, rational, and direct.

Through these pages we promulgate the philosophy of martialism, if dynamic, assertive living.  If you would like to learn more, you may download the free Be A Martialist booklet in PDF format.

Please email me if you have a question, concern, or contribution.  I read all of my mail and try to respond to each and every message. You may reach me by phone at US +1.315.391.1626.

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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. John says:

    Hi, Was reading your article about Koppo sticks and comparisons with other things. Wondered, since you show NYC in the background on the site, if you knew what the state of the law is in NYC and elsewhere in the State regarding Kubatons and such.



    • Phil Elmore says:

      I honestly don’t know what the law in New York City or even statewide might be, concerning kubotans. Essentially the laws are written vaguely enough that they can charge you if they want to charge you. As written, the penal code doesn’t forbid pocket sticks, but as blackjacks and billy clubs are illegal, a zealous prosecutor could choose to interpret the pocket stick as such a weapon.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Phil, I was watching your videos commenting on those wanabe martial artists Ashida Kim and Frank Dux. I was wandering what your take is on Choson Ninja aka Greg Park. He claims he studied a form of Korean Ninjistu. I heard he studied hapikido, but never received his blackbelt. Youtube is the first place to start searching for him. Maybe you should do a martialmentery on him.

  3. Hello Phil
    The banner looks good, thanks.
    Yesterday I reviewed your video on basic defensive cane and appreciate you mentioning my name. You mention two cane techniques that I also teach as ineffective and foolish. They are the tip flick and I think you called it the nun chuck wobble. As demonstrated, they indeed are ineffective.
    The effectiveness of a technique is objective of course but totally depended on execution.
    The cane flick I teach is called the “Cobra strike” because it comes from the ground.
    From the rest position, when needed I force the tip into the ground, torque the crook forward cane toward the attacker (This loads and flexes the cane shaft), Then lift and snap the tip into the attackers groin while stepping forward (like throwing a horse shoe)
    My other palm down hand stops/catches the cane ready for the next technique (Pool hall poke?). I am planning a demonstration at some point to show the accuracy and force of this strike.
    My cane weave is a guarding move much like a double stick Escrima weave. I often follow with Tonfa type whipping moves that deliver whistling strikes that I think could knock an attacker out. I am thinking of doing a demo showing accuracy and force of these techniques at my next seminar.
    I also use my cane with two handed Bo staff like moves and one handed single stick Kali like moves like High wing, low wing etc.
    I would like to invite you to mynext Defensive Cane seminar on June 25 in Easton Ma.
    I can help you with your nun-chuck wobble move J. I can’t buy you a plane ticket but will buy you a beer at the pub across the street.
    Ancient Dragon

  4. ooops, that’s subjective

  5. Mack M. says:

    Has anyone made koppo sticks out of schedule 40 pvc 1/2″ pipe? A friend got some hex bolts 3/8″ 6″ long @ Tractor supply (partially threaded) and put electrical tape around the space where the hand grips it. Any other ideas for homemade sticks? Mack

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