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Sunday 20th April 2014



Writing Services

Hello, gentle reader. I’m Phil Elmore, the owner of this site and others. When I’m not publishing material on self-defense, I’m working as a freelance and specialty writer in a variety of fields.

I’ve been a full-time technical and freelance writer for fifteen years. I can write anything you require, from a biography to an advertisement to a novel to an editorial, from an operations and maintenance manual to a poem or a screenplay. If you wish to collaborate on a project, I can help you. If you need a ghostwriter because you have an idea but can’t put it into words, I can help you. If you’ve written something but need it edited and proofed, I can help you. My rates are completely flexible and I am willing to work around your schedule, provided you can work around mine.

I write fiction and nonfiction on topics ranging from humor and philosophy to current events, technical reference, and the martial arts. I also write a weekly technology column for the conservative website WorldNetDaily called Technocracy. My work has been featured in, but is not limited to, such publications as Concealed Carry Magazine, The Journal of Modern Combatives, Filipino Martial Arts Digest, RealFighting, the Electronic Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences, Weekly Extra, KnifeForums Magazine, Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training Magazine, Martial Direct, MartialTalk Magazine, and Dolfzine.

I publish reviews of any and all materials submitted to me, including instructional media.  I am also a successful commercial novelist, having written many books in multiple adventure series for Harlequin Enterprises.

My role is that of communicator. There is no project I will not consider — and no communication task with which I cannot help you. I am available for media appearances as needed. Please contact me via e-mail to inquire about rates, writing assignments, joint projects, and any other writing services in which you are interested.

I’m a real person, not just an algorithm running on some remote server on the Internet. Yes, I am politically a conservative/libertarian, philosophically an objectivist, spiritually a mystic, and emotionally a curmudgeon. What I’m not is some sort of crackpot. I’m a happy, direct, and reasonable fellow. I’m glad to talk to you and I treat everyone with the respect they offer. When a man puts his opinions in the public sphere, it’s only natural that some people will disagree and even be offended. I guarantee you, however, that if something I’ve written has made you angry, I’m probably not the person you think me to be. If, instead, what I’ve written has made you think, held your interest, entertained you, or made you laugh out loud, so much the better.

You may call me at any time at 315.391.1626. I look forward to hearing from you.

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