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Wednesday 23rd April 2014




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7 Responses to “Forum”

  1. warrior1690 says:

    Several months ago, I read an especially well written article in a law enforcement journal regarding off-duty security. It has stayed with me and as a result, I continue to see a number of items in my work for a cable company on the streets of Philadelphia.

    Why do so many Philly cops feel the need to have an FOP license plate and “thin blue line” license plate and/or sticker on their own vehicles, frequently driven by their wives or teenagers? If an angry ex-con was looking for a police family to harm or a car most likely to contain a weapon why advertise your profession?

    Secondly, I am an NRA Patron Life Member working towards Benefactor, the highest level. In addition, I am an NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, Self-defense in the home, and Refuse to be a Victim Instructor as well as a Range Safety Officer.I have studied several Korean and Japanese martial arts since 1992. Yes I am very proud of all of this but no, nothing is on my HUMMER or my wife’s advertising any of it. Should you chose to attack me or my family, my GLOCK 21, FOX pepperspray, and SYPDERCO knife along with my martial arts skills will ALL be surprises to you!

    Lastly, why give a potential child molester and/or serial killer the names of all your family members and whether you have a dog by putting the stick figure decal with this info on the back of your mini-van or SUV? Along with this, your kid’s name and which sports they play and for which school shouldn’t be info on the back of your vehicle for the same reasons.

    Am I being paranoid or overly protective? I don’t think so!

  2. Fleetwing says:

    It astounds me how much personal information people will volunteer about themselves.

    Your comments provide a springboard to one of my personal perplexities: why does the government insist on publicly posting in so many places what the level of terrorism alert is? Potential terrorists (and criminals) know exactly what counter measures each level entails and how to avoid them. One security expert’s blog calls this “security theater,” done only to give us the illusion that steps are being enacted for public safety while actually what is being done undermines true safety.

    When I see the “today’s terrorism danger” alerts, I always wonder if and where someone is standing off in the corner on a cell phone reporting “OK, Abdul, it is only yellow alert today, execute Plan A.”

  3. alan311 says:

    Hi Phil,

    New book: Martial Art of the Gun

    Check it out at:

    I think you’ll like it.


  4. necrid86 says:

    Hello there, my name is Riley and I’m I’m searching for a self defense system I can effectively rely on should I be in a potential threat and can’t run away.
    I play blues gigs at local bars and have to walk home with an 60 pound bass guitar backpack for at least 2 miles across downtown. In 2-3 in the morning I feel very vulnerable of getting mugged wearing a large slow heavy backpack half the size of a door every night I play at bars.
    I used to be in Tang Soo Do for almost 3 years as an early teenager but in actual fights the techniques have been almost useless and really came down to boxing.
    Doing some research on picking schools and how to defend yourself, I found out most martial arts such as karate can be taught in too much of a vacuum state. No danger is apparent.
    In my town there is a good looking school that teaches Jeet Kune Do as well as Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitzu for about 1000 dollars a year. I’ll be taking a trial lesson next Tuesday but I wonder if it will actually pay off?
    When I get into a potential fight my nerves spike and I can’t seem to focus. I saw online that many martial artist get into this mode and forget all the moves they spent years training.
    Please tell me there are flaws I should know about and what fight systems are effective and nearby.
    I’m not looking to hurt anyone but I have gotten confronted at bars time to time and situations have almost broke into fights.
    I appreciate your time to read this and I would like to add your response to Penn and Teller’s BS episode was very well done.


  5. The Otherling says:


    I’m what you might call a ghost of Forums past.

    I used to use the handle “The Warrigal” and rember the good old days at Razor’s Redoubt.

    I have not been all that active on the M/A Forum scene for quite a while.

    I’m here to learn, to share ideas and information, contribute what I can, catch up up with some old friends.

    And maybe make some new ones.

    The Otherling

  6. nagoosh says:

    Well hello Phil!
    I ran across your site through Youtube by accident or maybe fate. As a Martial Artist, with more years into it then you’ve been alive, let me say that i like your attitude towards the truth. It’s refreshing to find someone in a world of liars that call it as it is and not take themselves so seriously but are level headed as well. As a retired from teaching Martial artist, I’ve always found it amusing to go to other non Asian dojos with the walls covered with glad handing photos on the walls. I must have been a rogue!! Potential students would come in and ask why there were no photos or diplomas on my walls. My answer was simple…. if you want to know if i know what i’m doing ask my students, second come out on the floor. I guess the best compliment i’ve had was going to a Muay Thai school to do a seminar for a friend of a friend. He told me the instructor was the best at what he did. There were no shortage of photos on the wall shaking hands with the who’s who from military to martial arts greats and no shortage of signed certificate of rank by seemingly everyone in the Martial Arts community. So i did my thing, teaching basics and a few advance techniques… when i noticed the “instructor” with a pad, writing down what seemed everything i was saying. I thought if this guy was who he was suppose to be…? about a month later i dropped by the school and to my amazement the class was doing everything verbatim that i had taught in his class. Scary to say the least. In addition he charged $120 a month for class for 8 classes a month, 1 hour long. I must be on crack!! I charged $35 a month, you could come anytime and i taught 2 4hour classes a day six days a week! But i was selective of my students. I would sit with them, ask questions about why they wanted to train and what they were looking to get out of it. It was just my way, to me the only way. To get quality as opposed to quantity.
    Sorry for being so verbose. Keep up the work, good or bad! :)

  7. russ says:

    Hello Phil and everyone else. I just discovered this site and am happy to communitcate with like minded practioners. I am very happy to discover those who embrace the practical over the political. I am sure I can learn much from all of you.



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