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Thursday 24th April 2014



Close Quarters Combat Programs

I (Phil Elmore) am affiliated with Jeff Anderson’s Close Quarters Combat. I’ve worked closely with Jeff for some time, in fact.  I’ve found him to a remarkably earnest, genuinely knowledgeable individual.  I like his work and I happily endorse his programs.  A few of Jeff’s e-books are particularly good and we strongly recommend that you purchase them.  These are…


Imagine a group of thugs invading your home and harming your family while you are helpless.  That’s a nightmare… but it doesn’t have to happen that way.  Jeff’s book on protecting yourself from home invasion is one of the most comprehensive I’ve yet found.


I’m not a big MMA guy, and this book definitely has an MMA flavor to it, but it’s full of excellent material that will help any student of self-defense contend with street fighting scenarios.

We’ll update this page regularly with new offers from Jeff.  We also highly recommend Jeff’s International Society of Close Quarters Combatants.

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