Close Quarters Combat Programs

I (Phil Elmore) am affiliated with Jeff Anderson’s Close Quarters Combat. I’ve worked closely with Jeff for some time, in fact.  I’ve found him to a remarkably earnest, genuinely knowledgeable individual.  I like his work and I happily endorse his programs.  A few of Jeff’s e-books are particularly good and we strongly recommend that you purchase them.  Two of my favorites are…



I also highly recommend the following:

  • “Bulletproof” Your Legal Defense is the essential guide to what you should do before, during, and after a self-defense altercation to avoid going to prison for trying to protect yourself and your family. This one is absolutely critical and extremely informative. You owe it to yourself to get educated on the legal pitfalls of using violence in self-defense.
  • Dirt Cheap Gun Training Tips is a superb tip sheet and resource guide, for those of you who would like to practice your shooting skills but who can’t get ammunition (or who live in non-permissive environments). As someone who knows how hard it is to buy a box of .22 LR these days, I love this program. It has given me a new appreciation for airsoft and my SIRT laser training pistol.
  • Street Fighting Uncaged is an excellent adaptation of Mixed Martial Arts to practical self-defense considerations. Over the years my love of watching MMA has overridden a lot of my earlier disdain for people advocating sporting martial arts as self-defense styles. I still don’t believe MMA is primarily self-defense training, but a program like this marries the two and does it well.

I also highly recommend the  International Society of Close Quarter Combatants. You won’t find a better one-stop-shop for multiple teachers’ insights on self-defense, survival, weapons, and all aspects of martial training.

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