Legal Defense Fund

Your freedom of speech is under attack — from some of the very same martial arts personalities whose work we discuss at The Martialist.

If you don’t want to live in a world where people can make whatever unsubstantiated claims they wish about themselves, then sue into silence anyone who dares criticize them, we hope you’ll donate to our legal defense fund. We will vigorously defend ourselves against any lawsuit brought against this site and its staff. We have on retainer an attorney who specializes in Internet/free speech/civil suit issues, and his firm has been instructed to immediately counter-sue anyone who attempts to “serve” The Martialist.

One of our society’s biggest liabilities is its litigious nature.  The burdensome costs of the legal system are often used as a bludgeon to silence critics and to intimidate those who lack the funds to mount the best defense possible.  Your donations can help us continue to fight for you in an industry saturated with those who hate what what do here.


Phil Elmore



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