Alain Burrese: The Nicest Guy in the Industry Continues to Teach

I’ve known Alain Burrese for a number of years now. He’s always struck me as the nicest guy in the self-defense industry. He steers clear of Internet feuds, never has a negative word to say about anyone, and is always focused on offering productive, constructive material for personal protection. He’s also an accomplished speaker and author, with a string of instructional works, his Ben Baker sniper novel series, and multiple “Tough Guy Wisdom” entertainment commentary works in print. He’s written for various martial arts trade publications, too, including Black Belt Magazine, Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated, and American Survival Guide.

He’s also been the victim of an extensive harassment campaign in the last year… but we’ll get to that.

The author of such instructional works as Hard-Won Wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks: How to Avoid A Fight And Things to Do When YOu Can’t or Don’t Want To and the star of a number of Instructional DVDs, Alain has studied multiple martial arts,  and holds a fifth dan in Hapkido (which he studied in Korea). He also spent two years as a paratrooper with an infantry battalion in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC, and worked as a sniper instructor at the 2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School at Camp Casey, South Korea. He has also lived in Japan and toured other countries in Asia.

Alain is also an educated man, holding a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Montana School of Law. He has extensive training in negotiation and dispute resolution, including “Mediating the Litigated Case” at the Strauss Institute at Pepperdine Law School.

Given all this, it’s odd to find Alain the target of an extensive harassment campaign. He’s received a number of fraudulent reviews on his books and DVDs, received threatening phone calls, and been the target of seemingly endless (and endlessly libelous) anonymous commentary online intended to malign him and hurt his business. Knowing him for as long as I have, I was shocked to learn of this campaign — and not at all surprised to find out that, for the most part, Alain won’t even talk about it. This insistence on taking the moral high road is part of what I’ve always respected about him. I therefore took it on myself to do some research regarding the major claims made by those who’ve been attacking his reputation. Here’s what I learned:

Yes, Alain Burrese Really is a Fifth Dan in Hapkido

One of the fraudulent claims made against Alain is that he is not actually a fifth dan in Hapkido. One critic even claimed Alain went to Korea and somehow bought rank, or offered to bring his martial arts master to the United States to exchange money for credentials. This is, quite simply, absurd. It’s completely fabricated and no evidence exists for the claim.

The reality is that Alain has studied a variety of martial arts from 1982 to 1995 and, while he never earned a black belt in any of them, he traveled to Gangneung, Korea in 1996. There he trained under Kim Young-jong and his Saboem, Lee Jun-kyu — under whom he continues to train to this day. Lee Jun-kyu eventually opened his own school, and it was Lee Jun-kyu who promoted Alain to fifth dan.

In a world full of thirty-something ninja masters who claim to be fifth, sixth, and seventh dans after half a dozen years in self-made martial arts styles, it’s not particularly remarkable for someone to achieve a fifth dan after spending 20 years under the same instructor. Of course, as with so many things, the proof is found in watching the man move. Alain is impressive and carries himself as a talented martial artist who knows what he’s doing. The overwhelming majority of fakes with inflated martial arts pedigrees simply can’t do that… and don’t, on those occasions that they post video of themselves performing techniques.

Yes, Alain Burrese Really Was a Sniper Instructor

Some of the other criticism of Alain revolves around his military background. One or more of his critics claim he was never a sniper instructor, or that he was merely an “assistant to the instructor but not a sniper” (whatever that is supposed to mean). This picture would seem to belie that claim, as the young man second from the left in the front row is unmistakably Alain Burrese.

Alain attended the four week 2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School at Camp Casey, Korea in July 1988 and graduated second in the class. He holds a certificate of training that states, “Sniper Course 7-88, 351 hours, 2 July 88 – 29 July 88.” He would return to the school three times to work as an Assistant Instructor (Class 8-88, Class 3-89, and Class 5-89).

By his own admission, Alain traveled to Korea as an E-2, not an E-4, and almost didn’t get to go to sniper school because of his rank. (He got himself into some trouble at Fort Bragg for disrespect and for communicating a threat to an NCO, an act of temper that he does not hide but which he also does not advertise.) He was in great shape at the time and good in the woods with a rifle, prompting his platoon sergeant to take up for him and fight to get Alain admitted to the sniper school — which he was.

Rank that is disproportionate to time spent enlisted is often an indicator of the truth or falsehood of a man’s military claims. Alain was in the military for four years. One critic claimed that after 9 years in the military, Alain was only an E-4, but this is only mathematically possible if you count (incorrectly) the time he spent in high school after signing a delayed-entry contract (and the IRR when he got out after four years). The fact is that Alain did a standard four-year hitch from 31 July, 1985 to 2 August, 1989 and was then honorably discharged. He was offered a promotion to E-5 to reenlist, but he instead opted to get out and get his undergraduate degree on the GI Bill.

No, Alain Burrese Isn’t Hurting Anybody

The final point of contention among Alain’s bizarrely hostile critics seems to be that he somehow finds the time to harass, stalk, and malign a laundry list of enemies while engaged in his remarkably busy schedule. Supposedly he is, under an army of fake names, posting negative comments about a group of martial artists online. This claim is odd on its face, but when you dig deeper, a much more disturbing pattern appears. That is that the very people claiming Alain Burrese soured their milk, blighted their crops, turned them all into newts, and said mean things to them on the Internet are themselves obsessively posting libel about Alain.

They’re doing it everywhere from Amazon reviews to anonymous, unreliable gossip boards like “Ripoff Report.” Sadly, the expense and time required to sue someone for damages incurred through libel is difficult enough when the libel happens in your home state — and prohibitively expensive when it happens over state lines. Thus, Alain has for the most part opted to ignore the defamation. This is unfortunate, because the man deserves better and, to the best of my ability to verify, has never hurt anybody himself. He stays clear of martial arts politics for the most part and, while he admits he hasn’t always been able to resist sharing a negative article or two, it’s simply not his focus.

A Quality Instructor, A Good Citizen, and a Decent Man

Alain Burrese is, in my opinion, a really nice guy. He works hard, he offers an immense volume of quality self-defense and entertainment material to the world, and he’s a family man with no ambitions other than to support his loved ones and make the most of himself. I’ve seldom met a more driven human being, and I hate seeing unjustified criticism — not to mention outright fabrications — directed at someone like that. If you’d like to support Alain Burrese, “like” his Survive and DefendYour Warrior’s Edge and Tough Guy Wisdom pages on Facebook, buy his books and DVDs, and tell him through social media how much you enjoy his work. I figure it’s the least we can do for somebody who does so much for everyone else.

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50 thoughts on “Alain Burrese: The Nicest Guy in the Industry Continues to Teach

  1. I have known Alain for many years. If he’s not real, nothing is real. I’m a life-long self-defense practitioner and survivor of over 100 violent encounters with bikers trying to kill me when I owned a nightclub for six years in the rough and tumble West Virginia Hills. I know real when I see it. That’s why I chose Alain as one of my personal instructors and asked him to participate as a guest instructor in my Brutal Self Defense seminar. The people perpetrating this anonymous attack on Alain, are most likely jealous little wannabes who Alain could most likely eat their lunch. If they were lucky, they’d only leave the encounter on a stretcher.

    1. Osu! Alain is the man, a legit martial artist, leader, writer, and veteran. He provides great, informative, detailed instructions from joint-locks n chokes to situation awareness and survival.

  2. I have known of Alain Burrese for over a decade & followed his works throughout the years. I am a martial artist with 30 years experience & currently hold the rank of 3rd dan in the art of Furui Shin Ryu. I have experience in several other Japanese, Chinese, & Filipino martial arts. I have also worked as a bouncer for over 20 years. I say these things not to brag, but offer perspective on why I have enjoyed Alain’s work on both martial arts & self defense. I have participated in several online discussions with him directly & find his insights informative & useful. He has always been respectful & even friendly when I have spoken with him. We are friends in Facebook & though we have never met in person, Alain has taken the time out of his busy schedule to check on me from time to time & offer words of encouragement as I have been dealing with health issues & currently in a long term acute care facility. He truly is one of the good guys.

  3. I served with Alain Burrese in the 82nd airborne, and he is one of the honest most stand up guys you’ll ever meet. It’s been 30years since I’ve seen Alain and I still feel the same way and I’m sure that everyone who served with him feel the same way also. I would stand with my brother anytime anywhere. AATW brother

  4. I’ve known Alain for 20 years, and the current Hapkido program he teaches started in my Taekwondo school back in 1999. Everything Mr. Elmore says about Alain is true. Alain is a great guy, and I’ve never known him to do anything that didn’t demonstrate the highest level of integrity and honestly. Alain is well known by instructors in my state and everyone holds him in high regard, both as an instructor and as a person. Regarding this weird feud…the people involved in attacking Alain (based on what I know and understand about the situation) are…oh, how do I say this in a “politic” way…they’re the sort of people that epitomize the lowest, seediest, and creepiest aspects of American martial arts. Liars and frauds with dubious and ever-changing bios, purchased awards and credentials, and people possessing the lowest ethical standards one can possibly imagine. Emotionally and intellectually stunted, they’re really not worthy of anyone’s time or attention beyond their entertainment value…though, I’m sure it’s frustrating for Alain to know this is going on, or to have to respond to questions regarding their claims and accusations (anyone would be). I suggest that anyone with doubts do a little research beyond the rantings of these wannabes or the garbage they seem to be spending countless hours posting all over the internet under various aliases. The truth (and their identities) is out there and easy to find.

  5. This is a great article. It’s informative, clearly states the facts, and steers clear of any muckraking.
    I have to say, the act of resorting to a smear/defamation campaign is extremely unprofessional and in and of itself says it all.
    Maliciously attacking a man’s character with baseless accusations for personal gain is an incredibly low and immoral move.
    In the eyes of any remotely educated, discerning readers who comes across these attacks, Alain’s credentials do and will continue to speak volumes.

    Alain, I hope you continue to drive forward to your goals uninterrupted despite this sort of behaviour from a few individuals. You’re clearly a great instructor, practitioner, and individual. Way to take the moral high ground. It’s been a pleasure knowing you, Sir. And once again, thank you for your service and all that you do within your field.


  6. I have known Alain since about 2000 (wow, has it been that long?) and I have known him to be a man of principle and good character, an outstanding martial artist and instructor, and privileged to work and train with him. It bothers me immensely that he has become the target of a smear campaign by someone with zero creds and zero integrity and who is…well, someone who has no right to defame him as he is a complete and utter fraud. If you have read any of these negative comments, I can assure you that they have never met Alain, do not know him personally, and are a bunch of small minded sycophantic idiots taken in by said fraud. Do yourself a favor…read his materials, watch his videos, and you will see without a doubt, the man I know and appreciate without any subterfuge, and a man I am proud to call a friend. I will gladly sign my name to this, unlike his detractors who are mostly anonymous.

  7. Great article. True as well. From my experience of speaking to Alain, I found him to be the nicest, most kind and down to earth person I’ve spoken to. I have rarely found someone in Martial Arts who didn’t have a huge ego. But he is one of those rare individuals. Slandering good people tells us something about the character of the ones spreading lies. It’s a shame that good instructors are harassed like this. But I’ve found in my experience that truth always comes out and legitimate instructors like Alain will always have my support.

  8. From my own first-hand experience with Alain Burrese, everything positive said about him in this article is true. He knows his stuff; he shares that knowledge with a passion and energy that should be emulated. And yes, he will not lower himself to the level of those who would drag his name and character thru the mud. He will just keep silent and let the truth speak for itself. In that regard, he may be TOO nice a guy; but HE’S A NIcE GUY WHO FINISHES FIRST. I am proud to call him my friend!!!

  9. I can say without reservation or hesitation that Alain is the real deal. While I don’t have nearly the experience or skill sets that he possesses, I do have enough of each to determine if someone is filling me full of bull. Not once has he ever steered me wrong. We have had several conversations–public and private–about shared interests, and he has always been open to questions. He is also quick to differentiate between something that is (essentially) etched in stone and something that is his opinion. There is one particular skill set that we share where our levels of expertise are not too distant from one another. Having talked with dozens of people who claim to share those skills, it is easy to determine who just talks about it and who has done it.

    I am greatly saddened by the incessant nature of this campaign against him. To me, it smacks of sheer unprofessionalism. A man (or woman) of honor does not stoop to such things. The superior man rises above petty conflicts, and that is precisely what Alain has done.

    Take heart, my friend–this modern world of ours despises the reality, as it shoots holes in the fantasies that many have created for themselves.

  10. This article is spot on; the statements mentioned here are exactly in alignment with my perception of Alain. Over the two + years I’ve been in contact with him, Alain has routinely displayed honor and integrity in his behavior. I’ve been there since the beginning of these internet assaults, and I can attest that his hands are clean in the matter. Everything that he’s been accused of is outrageous, and is in complete opposition to the type of character that Alain demonstrates in his day to day life. Alain is an honorable family man, who places high emphasis on his integrity. Even throughout the slander and libel, Alain has handled himself with a great degree of professionalism.

  11. Alain Burrese is the genuine article in the field of martial artists. He is an excellent teacher and a gentleman. I’ve known Alain for almost 17 years and had the opportunity to receive instruction from him on many occasions He is definitely on the short list of people I would recommend to someone looking to train in the arts. His background is unimpeachable and I am proud to count him in my circle.

  12. I have know Alain since high school. He is and always has been an honorable person. He has conducted himself with common sense, dignity and the highest moral standard.
    In the face of aggression Alain has acted with restraint and logic.
    Anyone who states that he is anything less is bitter and petty. His honesty is beyond reproach.
    Anyone who says less of him obviously has not outgrown the actions and mentality of a jealous third grader who pouts in the corner and lashes out with lies and rediculous accusations.

  13. Alain is one of the genuine martial artists of our time. He knows his stuff. In addition, he is a good man: Husband, father, friend, teacher, veteran. The total package.

  14. I was living in Dong du chon, right outside Camp Casey, though in the early 80’s. While there I also studied Hapkido and received my first degree black belt. I was the only women in the school at the time and it was rather unheard of that a female would take the class with all men. Let me tell you, the fact that Alain made it to the fifth degree says a lot, I studied every day, all day. He is the real thing, and it is sad that another martial artist would not be able to control his jealousy / feelings and start smear tactics. One of the first things you learn is to control yourself.

  15. I have known Alain online for many years. At all times, even during confrontational situations (which he never initiated), he acted as a gentleman and as a professional. I look up to him as a major role model as to how a top notch martial artist should act in daily life.

    Sadly, one of the individuals trying to smear Alain is someone I used to follow online. This individual has serious anger management issues and is very controlling. He threatened me to unfollow Alain and threatened and insulted me when I refused.

    Actions speak louder than words but words matter as well. Alain is authentically a terrific person who is well respected in the martial arts community and I appreciate the time and work he has done to add quality perspective to complex issues going beyond the mechanical aspect of combat.

  16. Have known Alain for a long time, have huge respect for him as a person first, and a Martial Artist second. These attacks are unwarranted, and baseless. Anybody can be a internet warrior. Alain has my full support and backing. I have trained with, Bob Orlando, Dr. Robert Davis, Guru Steven Plinck, just to name a few. Alain is a outstanding man, and instructor. One of the true good guys.

  17. I’ve known Alain for a number years,he knows what he’s talking about,teacher,lecturer,author.
    We have discussed multiple things involving self defense and training, if anyone was looking for a teacher I’d point them in Alains direction,he’s the real deal.

  18. Thanks for the article, it was both enlightening and sad, due to the abuse that Alain has had to endure. I have never met Alain, but I have known him for quite some time, on facebook, and I have purchased a couple of his DVDs. I have been in the martial arts since 1968, and have studied extensively, starting out in Judo, like so many other kids, at the time, and then going on to Jiu-Jitsu, Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do, then Praying Mantis Kung Fu. I don’t have a black belt in Judo, but I do have black belts in Jiu-Jitsu, Chang Moo Kwan (though I politically switched over to Tang Soo Do) and am a Sifu in Mantis Kung Fu (we didn’t have belts in the kung fu, just got cards saying whether we were beginners, intermediate or advanced). In my expert opinion, Alain is himself an expert, and it is my hope that he will at least find some comfort in knowing that others both recognize this about him, and respect him. He certainly is a gentleman…. I too, am proud to count him as a friend.

  19. From what interactions I’ve had with him on social media, Alain Burrese is simply no martial arts fraud. He’s as genuine as they come. He doesn’t just speak like a true warrior; he acts, lives, and breathes as such. His own honor and integrity are without question!

  20. Alain is an amazing guy. Very nice and honest! He really does a lot to teach us how to defend ourselves. He has wonderful websites and gives out tons of free information! I met Alain recently and he quickly became a personal friend that I am very thankful for!

  21. I’ve known Alain since 1997. The man is solid. I find it amazing the two charlatains have anyone to listen to them. Of course the best revenge is living well; which Alain does indeed live well.

  22. I met Alain last year at the Korean Martial arts festival… Now as an older, beginning student of Korean Martial arts, i was severely intimidated but Alain was kind & encouraging. Ever since last summer, he has continued to encourage me and he has spot on (in my experience of 16 plus years as a medic in a dangerous area & the daughter of a law enforcement officer of 37 years who never hid the reality of the bad, evil people nor hid the good ones) given concrete, useful, and life saving advice in his works since I’ve become a fellow martial artist (albiet a mere begginer at 40) and it is always easy to understand & fits with what I’ve dealt with on the streets. This person’s negativity does not make sense.

  23. Alain has been a friend for well over twenty years. He actually worked for me back in the early 1990s. He marches to a different drummer than I do, and he has made me scratch my head more than once. That said his character is beyond question. What he says he does, what he does is honest and caring and he doesn’t react, but responds with thought and reason.

  24. Alain knows his stuff and enjoys sharing it with people. I have enjoyed his videos and articles and always learn things each time I read them. I have recommended him many times to my students and will continue to.

  25. Alain Burrese is an honest, hard working professional.
    I have been following him for years, He has the progress and development of the Martial Arts and Self defense fields at heart.
    Great article, and keep up the outstanding work.

  26. Having known Alain since high school (Which was only a decade or so ago, right?) I, and our schoolmates, have always watched him lead and live with integrity. The way he fights on when events go against him has forever been an inspiration.

  27. Alain Burrese is a really cool dude. When he can. He can make time to talk to you and shares his knowledge and wisdom about Martial Arts and it’s history and traditions. Very down to earth, no big ego. Always willing to offer you help if you ever need it. Alain’s a true gentleman. We would be bless if we had more Martial artists and teachers like him.

  28. I don’t know Alain, other than through FB but I know a host of people who know him personally, and these people have said he is the real deal and have spoken about this harassment campaign he is receiving and how it’s uncalled for, I know the people standing by his side and if they say he is the real deal he is.

  29. Let me just say that the bozos And his followers who are writing negative things about Alain are a bunch of sycophantic swine don’t have the courage to even use their real names. I have known Alan for about 17 years now. He is unfailingly professional courteous and nice to everyone that he meets. I have personally worked with him on several projects. He is a gentleman and a fantastic martial arts instructor Who is earned every stripe on his belt the hard way. Sweat equity. These people who denigrate him are a bunch of small minded little weasels Who are consumed with jealousy over his success in his skills.

  30. I can say I know a lot about Alan from reading his articles and watching his videos, but have only met him once and a “gathering” of martial artists teaching and sharing what they know.

    I have been doing martial arts since 1993, a d specifically jujitsu for 20 years. I have seen a lot and studied with a lot of individuals from a number of sifferent atlyes and disciplines. I lay this foundation to show that I have seen a lot of “masters” of this or that or the other. When you see someone that is the real deal, you just know. Like a tuning fork going off inside you, you feel it.

    From what I saw, and from working with him for a few hours, I can tell you he is a gifted and talented martial artist that he is also an excellent instructor and know how to transmit his kowledge to others in an easily digestible fashion.

    I trust him and would again gladly seek his instruction anytime.

  31. I have followed and read the articles and works; and regularly conversed with Alain Burrese for many years now. Within the Inner Circle Combative Method we have extremely strict requirements for any content we implement and deliver to our students; whether it be a part of the curriculum or off the cuff comment in class. Given our strict Reality Based Content and our non delusional approach towards our Martial Arts; we have found Alain’s influence to be both realistic and effective in both delivery and content. Given geography Alain is a long way from Perth; Western Australia and so we are left only with long distance communication and Internet based exchange of concepts and content. Alain has always displayed an honest and passionate attitude towards our gioals at Inner Circle Combatives Australia and proven himself a true believer in Reality Based Martial Arts. His honest ; open ; and approachable nature easily makes him one of our most reliable resources of both Knowledge and Experience .

  32. I have known Alain for 12 or 13 years. He is an honorable man and an excellent martial artist. I have been involved in the martial arts since 1979, training in Arnis de Mano and Aikido. I’ve been lucky to have met and trained with many excellent martial artists in the US and in Asia where I lived for 27 years. And I feel lucky to know and have trained with Alain. He is a consummate martial artist and teacher; he is the real deal.

  33. I’ve only known Alain Burrese for a few years through Facebook. I’m in my 60s and I’ve been training in Martial Arts since 1961. Alain is the real deal, the man has honor and integrity in an industry that I’ve watched slowly turn into a cesspool. What I’ve discovered with online Martial Artist is, the internet is full of frauds. The ones pointing the finger are usually the biggest frauds of all. I have the utmost respect for Sa Bum Num Burrese, Low Bow Sa Bum Nim.

  34. I can’t say exactly how long I have known Alain but it feels like a lifetime. There are very few people I allow in my circle. Alain is one of them because he has never shown me anything except honesty and integrity. We often speak to each other on things such as law and legal subject matter as well as martial arts and military. Highly educated and trustworthy as a friend, comrade and a family man. He is encouraging and supportive to those around him. There aren’t many men like Alain around anymore. It is an honor to be his friend.

  35. I have no problem praising Alain for his skill, knowledge and courteous and professional demeanor. And, yes, he’s a good friend of mine, too. No matter what the anonymous numb nuts say, none of that will change.

  36. One of the first people’s content I encountered at the age of 16 looking for advice and information on self defense and all that surrounds it. Wasn’t disappointed, helped me hundreds

  37. I have talked with Alain on social media, we have many mutual friends and I have read a few of his books. Our mutual friends speak very highly of him. That is more than enough of a recommendation for me. I have used some of Alain’s work in my teaching and it has always proved popular. One day I will cross the pond and when I do meeting up with Alain will be very high on the agenda.

  38. I met Alain at the Korean Martial Arts Festival in Florida several years ago. He has my highest regards and I have been the receiver of many of his techniques. It’s always a pleasure to be on the receiving end of his educational lessons.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to our next meeting. – John

  39. I’ve had the honor of working with Alain on a professional level in our community and have known him on a personal level for many years. I was most honored to have him ayers one of my classes and I’ve been honored to attend his. Alain is an outstanding example of what we should all be striving to emulate. He educated, we’ll spoken, kind, caring, compassionate and he is always helping others. We could truly use several truck loads of more Alain in this world.

  40. I was fortunate enough to work with Alain in 2016. He was a very valuable member of the team and a consummate professional. I have studies martial arts since 1981 and taught since 1986. I have worked in security and investigations for over 30 years and have considerable experience in situations where violence has been prevalent. Seeing his technique and how he teaches and speaking with him leave me with no doubt he is an exceptional martial artist, and he is knowledge is backed up with experience. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. He can have my back anytime.

  41. I’ve only interacted with Mr Burrese a few times and only online. He has always come across as a polite and sincere individual. He hasn’t ever set off the “fraud” alarm that is prone to going off in my head.

    All in all he comes across as a decent chap and I’m sorry to hear he is having to continue to deal with this sort of thing.

  42. Alain has been my Hapkido instructor since 2004. He is an excellent teacher. He breaks techniques down so that his students understand not only how to do the moves, but the principles behind them. He has worked tirelessly sharing his martial arts skills for many years. Plus, he is a top-notch and upstanding person in his personal life. It’s unfortunate that there are people out there who seem to have nothing better to do than troll him on the internet.

  43. I have nothing but great things to say about Alain, his products, his teaching, and martial arts. Thanks Alain for your contributions to the Martial Arts and thanks for your Service to our country.


  44. I’ve only known Alain online in forums and on Facebook but he’s always struck me as a very down to earth, humble kind of guy who loved the martial arts and wants nothing more run to share that passion.

    I’ve never seen him demean, demoralize another nor inflate his own ego for no reason. He’s actually one of those people that lifts you up and makes you feel as if anything is possible when you’ve talked with him.

  45. I cannot add much to what has already been said. But I will repeat, Alain is the real deal, he is as honest and professional as they come. The guys trying to smear him would do well to learn from Alain’s example.

  46. Alan worked with our company in 2016, he proved himself to be of exceptional value. I have over 50 years of experience in Investigations and Security both in the private industry and in law enforcement as well as time in the military, I have read his posts and judge him to be a highly skilled professional.

  47. Mr. Burrese is for real, his skills are for real, and as a real warrior he is courteous and unpretentious. The know-how and insights he shares are very valuable.

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