007knife-7 The 007 Knife: Infamous 1970s Lockback

The knife that killed Nancy?

wave One-Hand Knife Opening Tactics: Looking Back

A retrospective of one-hand knife lore.

kuduthumb Old Knife, New Life: The Kudu As Fighting Knife

The Okapi comes full circle.

paringthumb The (Tactical) Fruit Knife Craze

Hot new tactical… paring knife?


Maxpedition Creates Patch Resembling Phil Elmore; Are Giant Dicks About It

Maxpedition is run by jerks.


KA-BAR “Lake Effect” Ice Scraper

This weaponized scraper actually clears ice, too.


Bram Frank LLC Gunting Bowies

The latest incarnation of an old fave.


Delta2Alpha’s “TheMARK” Gear Hanger/Impact Tool

Gear hanger/tablet stand/impact tool.

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