wave One-Hand Knife Opening Tactics: Looking Back

A retrospective of one-hand knife lore.

kudu01 Old Knife, New Life: The Kudu As Fighting Knife

The Okapi comes full circle.

fruitknife05 The (Tactical) Fruit Knife Craze

Hot new tactical… paring knife?

spiderclaw02 You Get What You Pay For

Buyer beware, always.


Maxpedition Creates Patch Resembling Phil Elmore; Are Giant Dicks About It

Maxpedition is run by jerks.


KA-BAR “Lake Effect” Ice Scraper

This weaponized scraper actually clears ice, too.


Bram Frank LLC Gunting Bowies

The latest incarnation of an old fave.


Delta2Alpha’s “TheMARK” Gear Hanger/Impact Tool

Gear hanger/tablet stand/impact tool.

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