Delta2Alpha PKiloTango44 Fixed Blade: First Look

First glimpse of an upcoming self-defense blade.

Alain Burrese: The Nicest Guy in the Industry Continues to Teach

I’ve known Alain for years; he’s a good guy.

The Immensely Slippery Slope of “Punching Nazis”

Is unprovoked violence okay? Nope.

A Tale of Two Tantos

Bram’s Americanized and Japanese blade styles.

For the Love of God, Stop Recommending Household Products for Self-Defense

Just stop.

A&R Oprichnik from

This Russian tactical blade is “real horrorshow.”

Key Flailing For Self-Defense DOES NOT WORK

Let’s do this right, shall we?

Maxpedition Creates Patch Resembling Phil Elmore; Are Giant Dicks About It

Maxpedition is run by jerks.

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