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As of June, 2014, the website is being redesigned in keeping with the minimalist black and white theme you see here. I will place links to archived products reviews on this page as time allows.  There are also several reviews in our older page formats (from a couple of site redesigns ago) that are linked here.

Here are the older articles, in no particular order:

Mini Pentagon Recon 1
SOG Power Plier Katana
Counter Tac 1
Quick Look: AFCK Model 42 Balisong Hammond ABC Operator Quick Look: Plan B
M16: Cross Section Quick Look: Companion
Hissatsu Black Hissatsu
Boker Lambda Boker AFD Kershaw Military Boot Knife
Boker HK14 Boker AK74
Boker Magnum BO007 Nealy Tanto/Escort
Wagner Reality Based Blade
The Hideaway Survival Sheath/ Gryphon M10/ American Tomahawk Camillus Cuda MAXX 5.5 Fallkniven G1
Hanwei Butterfly Swords Smith and Wesson HRT Dagger M-Tech Kerambit Shawn Herman DDP
Hen and Rooster Stiletto Spectre TimberPig Proto Quick Look: Puma Scout Woodman’s Pal
Quick Look:
Meyerco A-OK Szabo, Inc Puma Backpacker
Quick Look:
Schrade X-Timer
Shivworks Hanwei Practical Katana Ontario RTAK
Bowen Belt Knife Warrior Xtreme Tomahawk Ranger Shank, Shiv Quick Look: Swamp Rat Bog Dog
Valois Belt Knife “Combat Ready” Kerambit Ranger Renegade Hawk Puma Bowie
Gerber Crusader Boker Wagner Reality Based Blade Anza Dune Slayer & Boddington Gerber EZ-Out
Super Knife Toollogic SL1 Victorinox SwissChamp Survival Kit
Strictly Street Stuff Crouching Tiger? Hard Won Wisdom Unarmed Against the Knife
McLemore’s Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System Beyond The Martial Arts Mugei Mumei no Jitsu The Zombie Survival Guide
Going Undercover Real World Self Defense The Second Amendment Primer Attack Proof
Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets Canadian Law and Self-Defence Sevillian Steel First Strike
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The Punch Papers Wristlocks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively Ten Days to Better Knife Fighting
Ring’s Blue Guns UC Comfort Holster Budo Sensei Magill’s Knife Holsters
Cold Steel City Stick Cane Masters’ Triple Grip Cane Red Lizard Clothing Immortal Mook Jong
Tiger Claw Wushu
Butterfly Swords
Hi Point 9mm Carbine Immortal Single Section Wall Bag Profile: Mike Sastre
Dim Mak Tester™ DEFENSEBAND Decal Grips (Glock) Guardian Keychain
JP Short Slugger Weber Portable Grill LifeLine Survival Bottle
Danish School Bag
Bogner Drill Blades Edges2, Inc. Training Blades Sharkee Trainers Warriorcraft (Ray Dionaldo) Training Blades
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Fisticuffs Flow Fighting IOUF Arthrokinetics
Leg Fencing Plural Assailant Engagements Softwork (Interview)
Alain Burrese: Streetfighting Essentials Cold Steel Warrior’s Edge Sammy Franco’s Rat Packed Lenny Magill’s Advanced Folding Knife Techniques
Cane Masters ComTech Fighting Bandanna Senshido in Print and on Video Lenny Magill’s Concealed Carry
Demi Barbito Close Quarter Urban Defense Bujingodai Analysis Clear’s Silat
Carl Cestari 1 Carl Cestari 2 Carl Cestari 3 Tony Ceccine’s Lucky 13
SCARS (Vol. 1 & 2) RENOTT Western Knife Fighting Shivworks Self-Defense Made Easy
Silat Sabungin Kerambit: Blade of Death Split Second Survival with Larry Wick Alain Burrese Reviews Gabe Suarez’ CRG
Apache Knife Fighting
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