Welcome to The Martialist: For Those Who Fight Unfairly.  This webzine was founded in 2003 and dedicated to the principle that self-defense is every person’s right. We are interested in effective, pragmatic self-defense, the tools of violence, and preparation against life’s adversity.

In these pages you will find opinion, product reviews, journalism, and anything else that is relevant to the armed, prepared citizen.  We believe free individuals must take responsibility for their safety and for the safety of their loved ones.  We also advocate strict adherence to the law and caution all readers that what you see herein is not legal advice.

An objective, third-party product review can do wonders for your credibility and for your Internet footprint.  When we review your product or program, that review will sit online, gathering hits in response to your potential customer’s web searches, for years to come.  The Martialist has been shaping opinion on self-defense for over a decade. We will gladly help you get attention for what you do — if what you do can help our fellow citizens protect, prepare, and educate themselves.

If you are interested in having us cover your event, chronicle your efforts, report on your endeavor, or review your product or service, contact us any time at…

Phil Elmore
300 Hylan Drive #227
Rochester, NY  14623
US +1.315.391.1626



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