CRKT Convergence

The Convergence from CRKT is, at first glance, a conventional folding knife with a pocket clip.  Once you have a chance to handle it, however, you realize there’s something slightly more here.  The Aaron Frederick-designed Convergence incorporates Charles Kain’s and Steve McCown’s “RealEase” lock release system, as well as the Lake and Walker Knife Safety (LAWKS®)


The Convergence has a 3.5 inch modified drop-point blade of AUS-4 steel, ground on both sides and exhibiting a nicely sharp factory edge.  It tapers to a needle point.  My sample was manufactured in Taiwan and exhibits good fit and finish.  The handle scales are Zytel, textured with the hexagonal “Operator’s Grip” that CRKT uses on quite a few models.  This is comfortable and affords great traction.  The knife is about 7.5 inches overall.


The long, thin pocket clip is a bit too long and thin for my tastes, but it does retain the knife well enough.  The Convergence is configured for right-hand, tip-down carry only.

Operation is completely one-handed.  Pushing down and back on a grooved section of the blade tang causes the knife to swing open.  It locks positively without play.  The LAWKS can be pushed into position to maintain the knife in its opened position, and a single push of the grooved RealEase flange (positioned where a locking liner would be) allows the user to release the blade and close it again.  The only downside here is that the RealEase mechanism rattles, regardless of whether the knife is open or closed.  The closed blade also shifts a little within the handle.

CRKT discontinued the Convergence and sold its remaining stock to AG Russell.  If you can find one, it may be worth your while.

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  1. I have been looking for the crkt convergence for some time. The notes i have just read about the rattling of the blade has put me off. I am now thinking of getting a Case amber bone trapper. Thankyou for your notes. Ste e

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