Delta2Alpha PKiloTango44 Fixed Blade: First Look

Previously at The Martialist, we took a detailed look at Delta2Alpha‘s folding knife, the H2Sierra, as well as their plastic gear hanger tool TheMark and their little plastic keychain tool, TheLolly. The latest self-defense and utility implement from Delta2Alpha demonstrates both the company’s penchant for idiosyncratic naming conventions… and its commitment to quality. It is the PKiloTango44, a fixed blade knife with a fully adjustable sheath.

Per the compay’s website, the PKiloTango44 “is a compact, low profile, fixed blade knife that was designed with ergonomics in mind. It offers the rigidity of a fixed blade while allowing for the control and precision required in more delicate situations.”

Blade steel is N690Co, an Austrian steel comparable to 440C and hardened to HRC 59-60. It is .12 inches thick, 1.38 inches wide, and 2.23 inches from hilt to point. The cutting edge is a hair over 2 inches. The whole package, knife and sheath, is under 7 ounces, while the knife itself weighs 3.39 ounces.

The handle of the prototype is CNC-milled G10, smoothed and shaped, with an extended “skull crusher” pommel. The knife draws smoothly from its thumb-break sheath (the thumb break, and the sheath position, are all adjustable). The sheath itself is four pieces of G10 with a laser-cut Delrin “Tango Plate,” employing a sterilized Spyderco G-clip with upgraded hardware. “The G-clip design has already been proven, is easily sourced, and is cost effective,” the company’s website explains.

A representative of Delta2Alpha shows the knife riding in appendix or 12 o’clock position, angled for maximum discretion. It could also be carried this way in the SOB position.

The lasert-cut Delrin “Tango Plate” can be used for attachment to MOLLE gear or to other webbing (using zip ties). It can also be used to mount the sheath to fixed objects (in your car, in your bathroom, under your desk, etc.) with screws.

Because everything is adjustable, you can carry the PKiloTango44 just about any way you please. The adjustable thumb break allows you to customize the drawstroke, too, and the whole package is very thin. It would be very easy for a sheath like this to become a fat, unwieldy nightmare. That doesn’t happen with this knife… although, because my hands are so big, it is not possible for me to comfortably fit my index finger between the grip and the edge of the sheath on the draw. Those with smaller hands or thinner fingers will not have this problem.

The PKiloTango44 locks into your hand. Your thumb naturally finds the jimped ramp. Thanks to the subtle inverse curve of the blade, complete with a needle tip for penetrating, it will cut like a beast. Yet the whole knife is quite small. Given the configuration, comparisons to the Ka-Bar TDI are unavoidable… but I find this knife performs much better than the TDI (which has a tendency to roll in the hand when any pressure is put on the blade). The PKiloTango44 is wide enough to remain stable, yet slice easily and cut deeply.

This is a great knife. I’m eager to get my hands on a production version. The knife pictured here is serial number 001, which precluded any earnest test-cutting or practice. This first look, however, only makes us want to see more. Delta2Alpha has hit another home run, and we’re eager to see the company continue to succeed.

You can pre-order your PKiloTango44 on this page.

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