Delta2Alpha “TheLolly”

Previously at The Martialist, we’ve looked at two pieces of gear from Delta2Alpha, the Canadian company and producer of self-defense products whose management continues to innovate within its industry. These innovations include the company’s #RedTeam gear-test program (in which members receive advance prototypes for evaluation and feedback). We were very impressed with the quality and design of the H2Sierra, a full-size tactical folder. We were also very quickly taken with the utility of TheMARK, a gear hanger that can also be used as an impact tool. Now, thanks to the #RedTeam program, The Martialist has received samples of the company’s latest plastic tool, “TheLolly.”


According to Delta2Alpha’s Tumblr account, “TheLolly was developed as a ‘fingernail saver’ pocket prybar and scraper that will be less likely to leave scratch marks [on metal gear]. TheLolly “also features a ¼” bit driver.”


That’s it in a nutshell. It’s sized to fit on a keychain and has a hole for that purpose. The screwdriver/scraper/prying edge is sharp enough that you wouldn’t want to get poked in the  eyes or throat with it. It’s strong enough for medium prying jobs and, even though it’s plastic, not particularly slippery. Cut from cast acrylic, TheLolly is basically a disposable plastic “key” that can scratch, scrape, pry, and poke.


As for using TheLolly as a self-defense tool, my mitts were too big to use it comfortably between my fingers as a punch-enhancer. What I ended up doing, therefore, is using it in the same manner I would use a car key for self-defense — holding it as I would hold any key and jabbing with the tip.


If you want to make the little piece a bit more purpose-oriented for self-defense, you can add a loop of cord to brace it in the hand. I didn’t come up with this idea myself; I saw another member of the #ReadTeam crew doing so on Instagram and followed suit.


Now, you might find yourself asking: Why this tool when I could simply use a key? Does TheLolly do anything that my key won’t do? Well, for starters, you can pry with TheLolly without fear of bending your car or house key so badly that it can’t be used. Yes, the acrylic will snap if you put enough pressure on it… but it’s quite strong, and if you can snap it, you’d probably render a house- or car key unusable.


The more compelling reason to use TheLolly is that, unlike your keys, it is disposable. You don’t have to worry about losing it, nor will a lost piece of acrylic leave your car or house vulnerable to unauthorized entry.


So how effective is it? Well, it’s exactly as effective as any other small piece of sharpened plastic jabbed into your eyeball. In other words, you don’t want it in your face. Does it make you invincible? No, but it does give you an edge, and sometimes, just that little edge is enough.

At The Martialist we’re huge fans of small, lightweight utility and defense items like these. The cost is negligible and you can drop this on your keys and forget all about it. I highly recommend you take a moment to do so.

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